Recordings of Sample Services

We invite you to listen to these recordings as a sampling of what happens on a Sunday morning at Northlake. Our services are filled with instrumental and choral music, singing hymns together, listening to a children’s story and inspirational readings, sharing of our joys and sorrows, and a sermon connected to themes planned for the year.

To play or pause any recording, click the triangle under the description. If you want to be able to rewind or fast-forward or to download the recording, click on the >>> symbol. You can find many more recordings on our podcast: click here to find all the episodes.

The Purpose of Our Faith – Side with Love

To give you an idea what a Northlake service is like, this episodes includes elements you might find at a Northlake multi-generational service. It begins with a story from Rev. Nancy, titled “Oriented x3.” Then Dave leads us as we sing Hymn 1003, “Where Do We Come From?” Then Nancy tells us about the UUA Action Center. Hymn 1014 “Answering the Call of Love.” Margaret tells the story of Martha Sharp. We engage in a spiritual practice of blowing bubbles. Musical Response: “Healing Is Possible.” Reading: ”Side With Love” by Lisa Friedman – read by Nancy, Margaret, and Mariana. Hymn 1056, “Be Ours A Religion” Benediction: “To Serve, To Grow and to Love” by Kent McKusick


Water Communion and Backpack Blessing

This example includes elements from an In-Gathering service held in September – the beginning of our church year. The recording begins with a chalice lighting. Then Margaret Rogers, our Director of Lifespan Religious Education, leads a community ritual, blessing the backpacks of our school children and all the other ways we all carry things out into the world. Then Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee leads the water communion ceremony, where Northlakers share the gifts they bring to our community this year. We end with a reading titled I Say It Touches Us By Marni Harmony (adapted) and the Benediction. The sermon for this day, “River Rafting Lesson: Lean In” is on a separate recording.


Sermon on our Sources

This recording simply contains some musical interludes and a sample reading and sermon. Recording opens with Maria Khavin playing Autumn Rose by E. Cortazar. Reading: “Awe and Wonder” Anonymous. Sermon theme: “First Source: Direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life.” This was the first in a series of sermons on the Six Sources of Unitarian Universalist faith. Recording ends with Improvisation ( after Edith Piaf) by F. Poulenc.


Music Sunday

Each year we have 2 “Music Sundays” which feature our choir and other Northlake musicians. In this recording, pieces include: Hymn #123 “Spirit of Life” arr. Mark Freundt; Choir – “Welcome Table” arr. Mark Hayes; Choir – “I’ve Been in the Storm So Long” by Jeffrey Ames; alto soloist – Sarah Grant; Poem – “I am in Need of Music” by Elizabeth Bishop; Offertory Music – Klavierstück D. 946 no 1 in E flat minor by Schubert played by Maria Khavin; Choir – “Agnus Dei” From Mass for String Orch. & Piano by Steve Dobrogosz; Choir – “I Know I’ve Been Changed” arr. D. Dandridge; alto soloist – Sarah Grant; Benediction – “As We Listen to the Blessing of Music” by Maureen Killoran; Youth Orchestra – “Ashokan Farewell” Jay Ungar, with additional words by Melissa Ahern; alto soloist – Cyndy Jones