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We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest

Opening Words from Rev. Gretchen Haley. Sermon by Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee: The recently leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court has startled and angered many who have worked for body rights and freedom. Today we will explore our religious response to reproductive justice and how we affirm each holy body.

Repairing the Damage – Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee

Our country was founded and financed through the forced labor of enslaved people. This has been perpetuated by policies and enforcement practices that still exist, causing damage that seems insurmountable. How do we begin to repair the damage done to the country and to the souls of our people? Can we even imagine reparation? The sermon by Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee is followed by a reading from “Time For The Work” by Rev. Theresa Soto.

Source #6 – Savoring Earth

We honor Climate Justice Month that begins March 22nd (World Water Day) and ends on Earth Day. This Sunday we will focus on the last of our six sources of wisdom: Earth Based Wisdom. Recording opens with a spiritual practice on being present in nature. Then a reading from Starhawk, followed by our choir performing Blue Boat Home. Nancy’s sermon is part of her on-going series on the Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism.

Embodying Anti-Racism – Nancy Reid-McKee

Part of our work in the world is to undo the white supremacy culture we exist in, yet many of us can’t identify or admit to this notion. This is a crucial part of undoing a racist system, and a first step in the work of this congregation becoming part of the anti-racist church. Recording opens with a chalice lighting written by by Erika Hewitt, then a Time for All Ages story by Margaret Rogers, then Rev. Nancy’s sermon. From 1/16/22

Source #4: Judeo-Christian Teachings

The fourth source that our UU faith draws on is the Judeo-Christian tradition. We will explore what this faith offers to us in how we live and believe. From the 6 Sources series by Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee. [Recording begins with Opening Words adapted from “It Will Be Enough” by Elizabeth Mount. Opening Words adapted from “It Will Be Enough” by Elizabeth Mount]

The Camel’s Eye – Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee

Values-based Investing as a Religious Practice: It is not polite to talk about the money we have, but there does need to be a time of personal introspection about it. As U.S. citizens we invest money in companies, but may have no idea how our capital may be used. This service we will talk about investing in what we value, and making sure we are not supporting companies that violate our basic morality. [Episode opens with a reading from Lynne Twist in her book The Soul of Money.]