Equanimity in Difficult Times

To remain balanced, stable, centered, grounded and connected is, well, it feels impossible most days under our current circumstances.Loving-Kindness meditation is one way to find the ground beneath you, the innate connection that exists between us all, and calm, restful, peace of mind.

Blue Christmas

We are not all filled with joy during this season, and sometimes the expectation of “the most wonderful time of the year” makes our disconnection from that feel harder. This year, 2020, has been particularly hard, and many are needing more quiet, reflective time together … read more.

Regeneration: Stillness

Stillness can be a regenerative practice. Just like when the physical body heals through rest, so can our soul be restored through simple times of stillness and quiet. We will explore the benefits of stillness and silence.

Solstice & Fire Communion

This is the longest night of the year. We will gather around to call in the directions, light our fire, and place our yule log to burn in the flames. As we join in Solstice refreshments, there will be a spiral to walk through as … read more.