Contribute your time and talents to serve our community and connect with others while doing meaningful work to further the mission and vision of this church. It takes many hands to operate as a beacon for love and justice.

Northlake’s TEAMS align and synergize the ministry components of the church by empowering the staff and program leaders to work together in furthering the mission and vision of Northlake.

Email a team directly to learn more about tasks that you may enjoy, timelines that work with your schedule, or opportunities to grow into a leadership role. Alternatively, share a description of skills you would like to offer in an email to [email protected] to match your skill set with a current need.

The Northlake Caring Team’s aim is to foster a spirit of community among Northlakers. With the guidance of the minister, the committee works to identify needs within the congregation, foster appropriate awareness of those needs, identify resources, and link resources to needs. They also circulate cards of congratulations or consolation as appropriate.

Email: [email protected]

The Northlake Denominational Affairs Team (DAT) coordinates the participation of Northlake members in General Assembly and Regional Conferences to ensure timely notice of upcoming events including timely appointment of voting delegates, opportunities for member input regarding agenda items, and reports to the congregation regarding decisions and information gathered. The Northlake minister recruits 2-5 members of the DAT for 3-year terms.

Contact: [email protected]

This circle provides justice through fund-raising, direct service and education about groups that align with issues consistent with the values of this church and the UU faith. We give the first $1000 collected during worship each month to one of these groups, as well as operate a food pantry for the community.

Contact [email protected]

The Healthy Congregation Team (HCT) helps congregants return to covenant when a conflict arises through a facilitated process. If you approach them for assistance, you will be asked to fill out a self-reflective worksheet ,which HCT members will then review with you. From there, they will work with you to determine the next steps.

More information about the HCT

NUUC HCT Processing Worksheet

HCT members include: Pablo B, Janet K, Elaine S, and Rev. Nancy. you may contact them collectively at [email protected] or individually.

The IJT was formed in response to a vision of integrating racial justice into the systems and management of the church. The goal is to find ways to incorporate Northlake’s stated values into the policies and practices of the church.

Contact [email protected]

Music is an important part of the worship experience and our choir has a history of great performances at Northlake!

The Music Team members support our Music Director in arranging musical performances, song leading at regular Sunday services, managing the music library, recording and editing remote choir performances, and planning special Music Sunday services a couple times each year.

Do you love to sing? Come lend your voice and make connections with others in the Northlake choir.

Email: [email protected]

At a high level, the worship team does two important things for Northlake. We gather together on a monthly basis to discuss ideas for how to improve services at Northlake, and we provide a lot of the effort and volunteers to put on the weekly services. The Worship Team has a lot of opportunities to participate in the creation of something larger than oneself, and we’d like to invite everyone to join us.

We have roles for people of all different interests and skill sets. No experience necessary! If you do not feel comfortable jumping right in, experienced team members always provide on the job training, shadowing opportunities and mentorship. The Worship Team is a welcoming place for people to grow new skills while serving the community in critical roles.

Some of the roles Worship Team volunteers fill to create a successful service include:

  • Service celebrant
  • Song leader
  • Tech lead
  • Zoom host
  • Slide creator
  • Screen sharing
  • Running A/V booth in the Sanctuary
  • Greeters and ushers

While we offer hybrid Sunday services the Worship Team needs additional volunteers to fill online positions in the Zoom platform as well as in-person positions in the Sanctuary. Please consider volunteering even for just one service each month to make it possible for Northlake to offer meaningful interactive hybrid services both online and in-person.

Email: [email protected]

The ZAT will address the congregational response to the climate crisis by developing ways to prepare for disasters. By initially preparing the congregation for disasters, actions will evolve and extend into the local community so that Northlake can be a resource when crises occur.

Contact [email protected]