Our adult religious education program enables participants to share their religious values, sense of spirituality, and faith. Together we work toward spiritual awakening and faith development—religious growth.

Other groups and activities such as Book Group, Meaningful Movies, and the Men and Women’s group can be found in our Groups and Activities page.

Reflection and Conversation with Rev. Kimberly

Rev. Kimberly is joining Northlake to offer a series of services as online minister and a regular part of our staff.  Her focus for the year will be around the new perspectives on how UU’s live our values in the world, centering on love as key to how we are as a faith community.

After her services, Rev. Kimberly will remain online for a time of reflection and conversation.

Sundays: Sept. 24, Oct. 8, Oct 22, Dec. 3, Jan. 28, Feb. 25, March 24, April 28, and May 19 @ 11:45 am – 12:45 pm

Online and In Person. Drop in attendance welcome! You may also register to receive reminders.

Soul Matters Small Groups

The Soul Matters Small Groups offer participants an opportunity to explore our monthly worship themes through discussion and spiritual practice. Small Groups also offer an opportunity to get to know a small group of people (5-8 per group) better as we meet regularly throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining a small group, please contact DLRE Margaret Rogers for details on what groups have space available for the remainder of the year, or to express interest in joining a group in 2024-2025! For more information about our  themes, please see the Soul Matters website or pick up this month’s resource packet in the Main Sanctuary on Sunday mornings.

Pub Theology

This is a time to join with others from our church to discuss a question that is usually related to your personal theology or philosophy. Discussions generally last about 1 1/2 hours. Since we meet at a brewery, you should expect to purchase something to cover the cost of occupying the chair while we are together!

Pub Theology is usually scheduled on the 2nd Saturday of each month, 6 pm, with changing location around Kirkland.

Drop in attendance is welcome, and you may register to receive reminders.

Eastside Insight Meditation Group

Eastside Insight Meditation is a well-established meditation group that has been sitting together since 2000. Steve W. and visiting teachers facilitate the group. The group practices mindfulness meditation, also called insight meditation. This meditation practice helps us clearly see the nature of things, and brings us freedom in the midst of our personal complexities.

We gather in the Northlake Chapel and simultaneously online, to meditate together and to build spiritual community. Like many Buddhist groups in UU churches around the U.S., we discuss meditation and Buddhist teachings, and how to bring those principles to daily life and civic engagement.

Evenings often include insightful and inspiring teachers from around Western United States. Eastside Insight also offers at least one daylong retreat, and an annual six-session introductory class, in January.

Eastside Insight Meditation participants are a combination of Northlake members and people from the larger Eastside community. Eastside Insight is also affiliated with Seattle Insight Meditation Society. While some participants are long-time meditators, new people often join and are always welcome.

1st and 3rd Thursdays at 7 pm in the Northlake Chapel and online. Contact Steve W to attend.

Art Online Open Studio

Art Online Open Studio is a drop-in, zoom only multigenerational group that encourages participants to set aside time to work on artistic endeavors of any kind. You need not be a professional to find joy and spiritual fulfillment in creating art – drawing, painting, doodling, photography, sculpting with play-doh, sewing – engaging in play with art materials in any form are all welcome!

The conversation ranges from time to share our projects with one another (and get feedback or ideas if requested), to sharing what’s going on in our hearts and lives.

Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8 pm. Drop-ins welcome, for any part of the gathering. Contact DLRE Margaret Rogers to attend.

For additional information on Northlake’s Adult RE offerings, please send an email to DLRE Margaret Rogers

If you have suggestions for other classes you would find meaningful, please email Margaret Rogers. (Click here for more information on our Children’s Religious Education program)