Speaker: Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee

Air Communion

Air, one of the four elements, is the only one we can’t actually see. But we sense it with our eyes, hearing and touch. We will explore the ways we know air, and then as a communion together we will take a collective breath, honoring … read more.

Creative Imagining

We will explore how creative imagination transforms us as people and as a community. Embracing change, exploring possibility is restorative and life-affirming.

Guided by Vision

What are we doing here? Really. What is the vision of this church, and what is the mission we share? In the past year the congregation has been exploring this, and we will introduce some of these thoughts today.

The Face of Justice

What are the practical ways we can ‘do’ the work of justice in the world? Is a willingness to help others all that is demanded of us?

Transformational Conflict

All churches have conflict. This can be interpersonal and institutional. It is critical that we each commit ourselves to the work of acknowledging and interacting conflict, and this can make us stronger and healthier. Let’s explore how conflict can transform us.