Guided by Vision

What are we doing here? Really. What is the vision of this church, and what is the mission we share? In the past year the congregation has been exploring this, and we will introduce some of these thoughts today.

The Face of Justice

What are the practical ways we can ‘do’ the work of justice in the world? Is a willingness to help others all that is demanded of us?

Transformational Conflict

All churches have conflict. This can be interpersonal and institutional. It is critical that we each commit ourselves to the work of acknowledging and interacting conflict, and this can make us stronger and healthier. Let’s explore how conflict can transform us.

Recordings of Sample Services

We invite you to listen to any of these recordings as a sampling of what you might experience on a Sunday morning at Northlake. Our services are filled with instrumental and choral music, singing hymns together, listening to a children’s story and inspirational readings, sharing of our joys and sorrows, and a sermon connected to themes planned for the year.

To play or pause any recording, click the triangle under the description. If you want to be able to rewind or fast-forward or to download the recording, click on the >>> symbol. See links to listen to our podcast below.


The Trouble with Normal. Speaker: Reverend Nancy Reid-McKee

After months of quarantining we are being pushed to return to “normal”. But should we? Could we use this lesson as a way to change destructive habits? And what is the cost to the front-line workers in returning to the previous habits? Let’s look at this closer. [Recording opens with “We Are Not in the Same Boat” by an unknown author.]



Heaven: It’s Not What You’d Expect. Speaker: Reverend Nancy Reid-McKee

Reverend Nancy summarizes this sermon by saying: “Instead of dying and going to heaven, our work is to recognize that we are already in heaven and to act accordingly. We will explore what we expect from heaven.” The message addresses many key ideas from Unitarian Universalist theology. The recording also includes our choir performing an original composition by our music director David Duvall, titled “Look Around”.



Getting to Know You. Speaker: Reverend Nancy Reid-McKee

This sermon was presented in spring 2019 by Nancy Reid-McKee who was on the final day of her candidating week at Northlake UU. At the congregational meeting held immediately after this service, Nancy was called to be Northlake’s next minister! This sermon is a great introduction to Nancy, and to Northlake. Nancy’s description of the sermon: “As we explore the possibility of the congregation calling me to be the next minister at Northlake, I have spent a week learning about you and exploring the journey of the congregation. The sermon will examine what I have found, and my thoughts and dreams for a possible future together.”



Come in and Rest. Speaker: Rev. Jim VanderWeele, Northlake’s former Interim Minister

The monthly theme was Sanctuary. In this recording, you will be welcomed into our sanctuary, then Margaret Rogers will tell a children’s story about umbrellas as a portable sanctuary that can be shared. This is followed by a “Breath Meditation” by Samuel A. Trombore and a reading – “We Are All Longing to go Home” by Starhawk. At 12 minutes into the recording, the sermon begins. Rev. Jim Vanderweele uses umbrellas as a metaphor for sanctuary. His description: “Those who know the struggles of life move to a deeper knowledge of the trials faced in such times. There should come, if the trials of life are appreciated, a realization that we all seek the comfort of a place of sanctuary. “Come In and Rest.” This invitation to sanctuary, so welcome when needed, and celebrated when one is able to offer it, sets the stage for a look at the personal importance of sanctuary to each of us.”



Music and Northlake. Speaker: Dave Thompson, Northlake member

This was a Music Sunday, so the recording includes not just the homily, but also snippets of the musical numbers. In order: Hymn #368 “Now Let Us Sing”, sung by congregation;  “Earth, My Body”, a musical round sung by our children and the congregation and led by Jenny Mason; Interlude: “Vocalise” by S. Rachmaninoff; Krista Jaffre, cello & Maria Khavin, piano; Duet: “The Prayer” by C. Bayer Sager & D. Foster; sung by Jackie Boreson & Dave Thompson; Homily: “Music and Northlake” by Dave Thompson. Choral Offering: “Frostiana” by R. Frost and R. Thompson. (The Road Not Taken, Come In, Stopping by Woods, A Girl’s Garden, Choose Something Like a Star); Solo: “Beautiful City” by Stephen Schwartz; sung by Jackie Boreson.


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