Speaker: Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee

Taking Pride: Welcoming All

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This is Pride Month, a time to explicitly commit ourselves to welcoming folk who identify themselves outside the gender-binary model and/or the straight sexuality understandings. Northlake has a long and proud history of being leaders for LGBTQI+ issues and concerns, and we will … read more.

We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest

The recently leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court has startled and angered many who have worked for body rights and freedom. Today we will explore our religious response to reproductive justice and how we affirm each holy body. There will be a Talking Circle … read more.

Repairing the Damage

Our country was founded and financed through the forced labor of enslaved people. This has been perpetuated by policies and enforcement practices that still exist, causing damage that seems insurmountable. How do we begin to repair the damage done to the country and to the … read more.

Waiting for Spring (Flower Communion)

Flower Communion is one of the UU “Holy Days”. It honors spring, growth and new life. Join us as we share this ritual together, and be sure to have a flower next to your computer screen or bring it in hand to the building.

Inspired by Our Faith

We find meaning and grounding in moments of awe and wonder. This is the work of church, to inspire us and help create meaningful life. And the natural response to this is generosity and gratitude for each other and for the community. We will explore … read more.