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Pricing and policies are current as of January 2018, but are subject to change without notice. Please contact us directly for current information. (See contact info below.)




Main Sanctuary. Weddings $1,200 for up to four hours; $200 for each additional hour. Grand piano is available for use for a $100 fee.


Chapel. Weddings $950 for up to four hours, $200 each additional hour.


Sanctuary and Chapel for Wedding and Reception: $1,400 for up to six hours. $200 each additional hour.


Adams Hall, Conference Room, Classrooms: Contact us for pricing.


The following décor items can be rented for an additional fee: aisle runner, flower stands, columns, candle holders, candelabra.


Renters are also required to make a deposit to hold the date, which can be applied toward the rental fee, and a damage deposit which will be refunded after the event, if the facilities are left in good condition. (See below.)


Note: We offer preferred pricing for nonprofit groups who become regular use renters.



Food: Clients may choose a caterer, or may bring in or prepare their own food.


Bar facilities: Beer, wine, champagne and cider may be served by clients. No kegs. No hard alcohol. The renter must obtain a permit, and it must be posted at the event. Renter should remove all alcohol containers from the premises rather than using church recycling/trash bins for these containers.


Smoking: No smoking is allowed in the building. No cigarette butts can be left outside the entrance.


Decorations: You are certainly welcome to add decorations, being careful not to damage the walls. (Do not use tacks, nails, etc. on walls or woodwork.)


For return of the full deposit, facilities must be left in the same condition as they were found. This includes:

  • Chairs set up in the same layout as found. A copy of the floor plan will be provided to the renter for reference, and is posted in each room. In the Sanctuary and Chapel, chairs must be interlocked with each other, as required by safety codes.
  • You are responsible for removing decorations and personal items and for folding tables and placing them in designated storage areas. Please also move trash and recycling to outside bins.
  • Carpets, coffee pots, dishes, etc. must be clean. (Floor cleaning and bathroom cleaning will be done by the church, and is included in the rental fee.)
  • Renters should check the outside areas, and pick up any paper, cigarette butts, bottles, etc.


Wedding specific policies: Wedding rentals include a one hour rehearsal time, to be coordinated in advance, and up to two hours of decorating and set-up time on the day of the event. (If you prefer to set up the day before, there is an additional fee of $100.) Time charges begin when the wedding is scheduled to begin.


NUUC reserves the right to decline rental to any groups of persons whose statements or actions are in conflict with Unitarian Universalist principles.


Please call or text us at 425-495-2373, or email the rental office, to inquire about our space availability and to schedule a personal tour of our facilities in downtown Kirkland.