The NUUC Women’s Group fosters friendship and connections between the women (and friends) of Northlake through fun, education and shared interests.  Meetings are held monthly ten months of the year, usually on the 4th Monday in the evening and sometimes on Saturday morning or afternoon.


 Covenant of Relationships among Women’s Group Members

We come together as women of NUUC to have fun, socialize and expand our horizons.

We freely explore our values and honor our diversity as a source of strength.

We openly share our laughter and tears.

We respect the privacy of information shared at the meetings, but realize that our gatherings are not therapy sessions.

We communicate with kindness and support.

We strive to limit cross talk, to allow others the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas without interruption.

We speak up and engage with the group so everyone can benefit from our thoughts and ideas.

We RSVP when requested and, if we must cancel, do it in a timely manner.

We arrive on time for our events and bring our whole mind and spirit to the gathering.

We show respect for our church community and for the inter-dependent web of life in all that we do.


Steering Committee Members for 2018

Carolyn H., Melissa A., Marilyn M.

The scheduling, topics and procedures of the group are managed by a Steering Committee of five members. The NUUC Women’s Group maintains an e-mail list for communications among members.  You may use the e-mail link below to ask to be added to the group distribution list in order to get current information on upcoming events.

Email the Women’s Group


Meeting Time/Location

October 22, 2018 – 6:30 pm – discussion meeting in Adams Hall led by Kate C.

November 26, 2018 – 7 pm – public showing of the film The Bleeding Edge in the sanctuary

December 10, 2018 – 5 pm – annual holiday party at home of Diane D. – potluck

January 28, 2019 – 6:30 – meeting in Adams Hall

February 25, 2019 – 6:30 – meeting in Adams Hall

Structure of Meetings

Evening Meetings – Evening meetings will usually be held in Adams Hall with social time at 6:30, announcements at 6:50, check-in and introductions at 7, lighting the chalice and opening words (poem, song, meditation) at 7:15 (or whenever check-in ends), followed by a program or activity.  Wrap-up and closing words should occur no later than 8:25 pm. Everyone is expected to arrive in time to fully participate in the check-in and chalice lighting.  During check-in, each attendee will have a chance to comment about what is currently happening in her life up to the time limit set by the leader, which will commonly be 1-3 minutes.

Saturday Meetings—Saturday times TBA and may follow the same format as the evening meetings.

Alternate Meeting structure— When the time or program for the meeting doesn’t lend itself to the usual schedule for the evening meeting, the leader will nevertheless begin with announcements and introductions and conclude the program at the announced time.

Guidelines and Expectations


  1. We will use nametags for members and visitors.
  2. During check-in and when responding to the initial discussion topic, we will take turns allowing everyone to speak who wishes to, without crosstalk.
  3. Everyone will take a turn at helping with an activity of the group in at least a small way over the course of the year.
  4. Attendees are expected to arrive before the time set for introductions and chalice lighting. The goal should always be to arrive at least a few minutes early.
  5. To the extent we can, we will honor requests from the church board of directors, such as occasionally coordinating coffee on Sunday morning or participating in sessions aimed at planning of the church calendar.
  6. The steering committee member assigned to each meeting will be responsible for confirming the speaker/facilitator, topic/activity and meeting location and time, consulting with other Steering Committee members as needed. The assigned steering committee member will also be responsible for any announcements at the meeting, for coordination of publicity and for ensuring that group expectations are met.
  7. We will endeavor to announce program information at least 2 months in advance, so that at each meeting we can preview what will be happening in the next two months. The church office must be kept up to date on our schedule to ensure the availability of meeting space and the accuracy of announcements.
  8. The steering committee member assigned to the meeting will work with the program/facilitator to ensure adequate publicity. This will require information provided to the church office 2-3 weeks before the meeting to be inserted in the Sunday morning bulletin and the weekly all-church e-mail announcements.  In addition, at least two notices should be sent by e-mail to the e-mail list of the Women’s Group.
  9. To keep things simple, we generally do not serve refreshments at meetings, although anyone is welcome to bring a snack or beverage for themselves. Occasionally, meetings will be designated as a potluck, which will be reflected in the meeting notice.


Steering Committee

The Women’s Group Steering Committee will consist of 5 members selected annually by the Steering Committee for the prior calendar year.  Each will be a member of Northlake UUC and will have participated in at least two meetings during the prior year. Steering Committee members may serve for up to 3 years.  Each Steering Committee member will take responsibility for two regular meetings of the group and one Sunday morning coffee activity.  The role of the Steering Committee member is to make sure programs are identified, leaders secured and publicity accomplished.  At the meeting the Steering Committee Member is primarily a participant, but should also make sure the room is set-up and cleaned up and that the meeting proceeds according to group guidelines.  The Steering Committee member is also responsible for any announcements to be made at the meeting.  In addition to these meeting responsibilities, Steering Committee members will be responsible, as a group, to meet occasionally in person or electronically, to determine:


  1. The meeting schedule and assignment of steering committee members.
  2. Any needed revisions to the guidelines.
  3. The group description for the church website.
  4. Possible need for a general flyer or brochure about the group.
  5. How to handle RSVPs.
  6. Process for managing nametags, chalice and matches.
  7. Liaison from the group to the board.
  8. Management of the group e-mail list.
  9. The group contact person to be listed on website and in church bulletin.
  10. When to schedule coffee hosting and how to solicit volunteers. (5 times per year)