Mirrors and Windows: Representation in the Media – Janelle Durham

In the books we read, and movies we watch, we find mirrors – experiences that reflect our own, and windows – views into lives we can barely imagine. Representation is important – all people should be able to find mirrors and we should all be able to peek into all sorts of different lived experiences. If we actively seek out diverse stories, not only do we broaden our perspectives, we also cast an economic vote that helps to increase the chances those stories can be told. Opening Words adapted from “Let Us Worship” – Kenneth L. Patton. Reading “On Seeing Yourself in Literature” from the “Off the Beaten Shelf” blog by Mandy Shunnarah. Transcript with links to sources: https://janelledurham.com/2021/04/28/representation-in-media/. Resource list, including recommended books and movies, and criteria to evaluate the media you consume is available at: https://janelledurham.com/2021/04/24/seeking-out-diverse-media/