Northlake Lighthouse – May 2020

New trustees join the Northlake board

Chris K, President, Board of Trustees


Thanks to your resounding vote at the April 19 congregational meeting, we have three new trustees joining the Northlake board for two years starting in June!


new trustees



Diane Dewitt

Diane discovered UUA in her freshman year at college and later raised sons in the UU tradition. When she and Curtis Thompson married at Kirkland’s Shumway Mansion, Ralph Mero, NUUC’s founding minister, officiated.  A NUUC member since 2017, she currently co-coordinates the NUUC book group and serves on the Meaningful Movies, Activities, and Memorial Teams.  Since closing her psychology practice in October 2018, she hasn’t looked back but she has loved having more time to be active at NUUC and do other rewarding and meaningful things. Diane brings four decades of Board leadership experience to the NUUC board.


Josh McAdams

Josh McAdams has been an active participant in Northlake UU for the past few years. He is involved in the Men’s Group, 2nd Saturday Socials, Meaningful Movies, RE, and OWL. However, he loves to dabble in other functions like tiny-house builds and de-infestations of the church grounds. Josh and his wife, Heather, love Northlake because of the strong progressive community and the amazing religious education opportunities for their three young children. In his day job, Josh is a software engineer at Google here in Kirkland.


Bob Betts

These days Bob Betts finds himself “refocused,” not “retired.” Prior to that he worked as a solo consultant in city planning from 1977, a job that provided assistance to people and businesses seeking land use approvals in the Puget Sound area. He now designs and builds tangible things such as the benches outside the foyer. He and his wife Sue are longtime UU members from another congregation. They love classical music and practice gardening. He is an avid reader of anything well written.


Please welcome our new Board of Trustees members!


Many thanks to our Board Nominating Committee (all resoundingly re-elected by you for another year) for finding this strong set of new Board members!


nominating committee

How to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

France G., Climate Action team


Are you curious about your carbon footprint?


Or your community’s carbon footprint?


Interfaith Power and Light offers a link to calculate our church’s footprint or each family’s at


You can enter their coolcongregations challenge and possibly win $1,000. On that site you can view a carbon map of the whole country (see how we compare to San Francisco or L.A.). You can get  certification if you reduce your use by 10%.


For those with children at home it might be educational to look up similar homes in your zip code or how one can add or reduce the household footprint by changing car use, food choices, energy and other details of our living situation.


I found it a fascinating game to see what I could change to get to a recommended percentage of use.


One can also reduce our use by adding carbon offset programs for as little as $10 a month.