Northlake Lighthouse – December 2020


Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee, Minister


I am not usually a hopeful person.  What I mean is that I don’t rely on hope or think much about hope.  In past years, when people talk about this as a season of hope, I tend to dismiss it as not having meaning for me.


But this year… this year… 2020,  I find myself feeling a glimmer of hope.


It feels like this has been a dark year.  Even during the long summer daylight there was a heaviness.  With the long isolation due to COVID passing the 9-month mark, life felt oppressive.


With the election predictions of chaos and coup attempts, things felt deeply unsettling.  Add on the holidays without family, and the need for increased social caution, and the year has been too much.


But then the glimmer comes: the change of government is moving forward despite the blustering and propaganda; the sudden hope from not one, but 3-4 viable vaccines.


They say this is the season for hope, and perhaps I feel it this year more than I have ever experienced it before.  I am hopeful for a coming time of being together, being safe, and being able to heal our world with the vision we share.


Have healing holidays, my friends!



Virtual Craft Fair


Happy Holidays, Northlakers!


The Seamsters Creative Union is planning a Virtual Craft Fair this year. As most of you know, we have a craft fair most every year with crafts that the Seamsters make. This year being a bit different, we are going to give it a try in a different sort of way.


The items available for sale will be available for viewing on the Northlake Facebook page from December 1st through the 11th. We will also have a PDF catalog available for those that don’t use Facebook. The items will be available for pick up at the church parking lot on December 13th. Arrangements can be made for alternative pick up times as well. Learn more.


Happy Holidays in advance from the elves at the Seamsters Creative Union workshop!


If you have any questions regarding the Virtual Craft Fair, please email Pam D.