Month: November 2018

Northlake Lighthouse – November 2018

Read: A message from Rev. Jim, info about our new AED (Automated External Defibrillator), a search team update, an introduction to the Northlake choir, details about the Women’s Group’s upcoming screening of the documentary, The Bleeding Edge, the November Soul Matters theme of Memory, and the transgender flag that is on our flagpole this month.

Northlake Lighthouse – October 2018

Read: a message from Rev. Jim, thank yous for hosting the overnight shelter, updates on the music director search, an overview of our monthly theme of Sanctuary, and info about the upcoming workshop: Beyond Categorical Thinking, which is a part of our ministerial search process.

Northlake Lighthouse – September 2018

Read a message from Rev. Jim about covenants, the story of choosing to host an overnight homeless shelter, the jobs done by the worship team that you can help with, Water Communion 2018,and jUUstice Washington.