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We are a Strong, Resilient People – Janelle Durham

Hard times come around for all of us. Some people get knocked down by challenges and never recover. Some are more resilient, and can bounce back to where they started. Some rise like a phoenix from the ashes – stronger than ever before. How can we build resilience in ourselves, each other, and our communities? What protective factors create the safety nets that catch us when we fall, and launch us back up onto our feet? Speaker: Janelle Durham


Becoming Proximate to the World – Rev. Reid-McKee

Some of the hardest work we do is healing the broken world. And so, we give and we share what we have. What does the next step look like? Our prophets (not our Biblical, but our Social prophets) call us into relationship with others. That means moving closer, becoming proximate to those most broken.


The Hungry Ghost – Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee

Buddhism has a term for what ails us: the hungry ghost. We desire a full life but have learned to dull our craving. How do we identify what we most need, and how do we work together to move toward satisfying this?


The Wisdom of the Middle Way

This week, the Kirkland area is living with the presence of coronavirus in our community. We worry about over-reacting… we wonder if we should just go on about our lives as usual, knowing that for many people this virus only causes a mild illness. We worry about under-reacting. If we don’t change our behaviors, and keep going out in the world and interacting as we always do, could we increase the spread of the disease, putting many others at risk. In the spirit of compassion, and honoring the interconnectedness of all beings, we try to find a middle way.


An Election Year Decree – Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee

This is an important election year. We must be involved and use this year to promote our values in the world if we truly believe we are part of the interconnected web, dedicated to healing the world. At the same time we must learn resiliency, how we maintain our core integrity, when the political situation feels threatening. (Opens with a reading from Clarissa Pinkola Estes.)


Optimism: A Luxury Item – Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee

There is a debate about optimism versus hope. What is the difference? Liberation theologians declare optimism is not possible for those who can no longer trust the economy and politics of this country. In these difficult times, must we give up on optimism, but learn a form of spiritual hope? (Opens with a reading from Vaclav Havel.)


Born this Way – Raphaelle Mills Warner

Integrity can be defined as a sense of wholeness and authenticity. But what does wholeness and authenticity look like in a world that often appears fractured and demands conformity? Join us as our guest preacher, Raphaelle Mills Warner, MDiv, explores this topic.


Divine Opinions – Joe Rettenmaier

When our personal lives grow crowded with the news and opinions of others, how do we remain open to the awe of all that is Divine? Speaker – Joe Rettenmaier, former intern minister at Edmonds UU, MDiv student at Meadville-Lombard.


Who are our friends? Our companions?

Rev. Jim VanderWeele shares a story of a night when the right of conscience and use of the democratic process were challenged, suborned, and beaten back in his presence. Shocked! Surprised! Forever changed! This message offers a realization that the values UUs cherish are still scorned by many, which makes the support of our values a critical step for all of us. Opens with a chalice lighting “The One Story” by Rachel Naomi Remen. Excerpt from musical interlude: “Bring Him Home” music by Claude-Michel Shonberg; lyrics by Alain Boublil & Herbert Kretzmer: performed by Matthew Triplett. During Jim’s message, you will hear audio from this MSNBC report:


Getting to Know You – Nancy Reid-McKee

This sermon was presented by Nancy Reid-McKee who was on the final day of her candidating week at Northlake UU. At the congregational meeting held immediately after this service, Nancy was called to be Northlake’s next minister! She will start in fall 2019. This sermon is a great introduction to Nancy, and to Northlake. Nancy’s description of the sermon: “As we explore the possibility of the congregation calling me to be the next minister at Northlake, I have spent a week learning about you and exploring the journey of the congregation. The sermon will examine what I have found, and my thoughts and dreams for a possible future together.”


What Makes Us Whole – Nancy Reid-McKee

As humans we long to be made whole. As a religious community we work together to bring healing and nurturing to each other and the world, with the goal of becoming more complete and healthy. – Sermon by Nancy Reid-McKee, candidate for minister at Northlake.


Building Blocks – Rev. Jim VanderWeele

From the Soul Matters packet on Wholeness, “Transition and change rule the flow of life. There is no going back. The current of time is just too strong. …the wholeness offered us is not returning our lives to their original state but working with what remains to make something new. The shards are not pieces of the puzzle that need to be put back together, but building blocks waiting to be molded into a yet to be imagined form.” We gather to consider being building blocks that lead toward an as yet unimagined form. Sermon by Rev. Jim VanderWeele


Holy Wanderings – Rabbi Johanna Kinberg

Sermon: “Holy Wanderings: Lessons Learned from Walking in Circles”
Walk through the wanderings of the Israelites in the desert with Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg. Lessons gleaned from 40 years of communal meanderings and mistakes in reaching a promised land.


Bridging the Gap to the World – Rev. Jim VanderWeele

Bridging the Gap to the World is a featured part of Northlake’s journey. In this time of reflection we will consider the path that has led this covenanted congregation to reach out to the world with an open heart and open mind, searching for love as we seek to build love in the hearts of those we meet. Lessons for Life from Rev. Jim VanderWeele


Take a Small Step – Rev. Jim VanderWeele

Sermon by Rev. Jim VanderWeele: The journey through life is built with steps and many of those steps are small ones. Each day brings its share of challenges. Some are old, some are new, but the only way to address these challenges is to take a step designed to lead in the direction we intend. Even the most subtle step, the steps that might seem insignificant, have an impact on those around us. We meet to consider, each of us in our heart of hearts, the steps we wish to take that will lead toward where we wish to go.


Moral Courage for the Journey – Rev. Deanna Vandiver

Join the Reverend Deanna Vandiver (Community Minister for Love and Liberation with the Church of the Larger Fellowship) in co-creating worship that is a call to courage and to each other in as we journey faithfully into the unknown. Recording opens with a reading titled Prayer for Presence by Aisha Hauser.


Building Our Trust in One Another – Rev. Jim VanderWeele

We do not walk alone through this life. As Northlakers, many seek comfort in this religious community. They find in this organization a soul, a spirit, filled with respect for those who worship with us. But, as with a shadow, a lack of caring lingers in the background. Join us for a look, once again, at communication, covenanting, and other pathways toward “Building Our Trust in One Another.”