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Practice Paying Attention – Rev. Nancy Reid McKee

So often we are caught up in the business of life and miss the mystery of being alive. In this service, Rev. Nancy led us through several practices that help ground our spirit. Recording includes Homily (recording location 0 – 11:00 minutes), then Steve Wilhelm from Eastside Insight Meditation offers a guided meditation (11 – 17:30), Lectio Divina (read, meditate, pray and contemplation centered around a reading of The Longing by John O’Donohue – 18 – 22:40), gratitude practice (22:40 – 25:30), lighting a candle (25:30 – 26:15); Choir performs We Are One (26:15 – 29:46).


Come In and Rest – Rev. Jim VanderWeele

October’s theme was Sanctuary. In this recording, you will be welcomed into our Sanctuary, then Margaret Rogers will tell a children’s story about umbrellas and sanctuary. This is followed by a “Breath Meditation” by Samuel A. Trombore and a reading – “We Are All Longing…