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Music, Music, Everywhere

Music Sunday: the Northlake Choir presents music from a variety of sources in contemplation of the beauty of this life. Excerpts from “Cantar!” by Jay Althouse, “Love” Canon, music by Palchelbel, lyrics by D. Duvall. Chalice Lighting: “The Chalice Is the Container” by Marnie Singer. Excerpts from “All Are Architects” words by H. Longfellow, music by T. Benjamin; “So Still”, words by Emily Carr, music by Brian Tate. “La Poule” by Jean-Philippe Rameau, performed by Maria Khavin. Reading: “Dynamic Music” by Dennis Hamilton. Excerpt: “What is Glowing” by D. Duvall; Homily: “Music, Music Everywhere” by Tracy Yingling. Excerpts: “For the Beauty of the Earth” words by F. Pierpont, music by Kochner; “One Brick at a Time” words by M. Stewart, music by C. Coleman; “I am Willing” by Holly Near, arr. Steve Milloy.