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The Stewardship Team has been like Brigadoon – coalescing out of the mist once a year and soon fading away again – but stewardship is a year-round activity. The team draws upon folks especially from Membership, Finance and Religious Education, blending skills and talents to design and execute the canvass campaign for the annual operating budget. Their focus is three-fold – to encourage conversations amongst members and friends focused on what Northlake means to each, to inspire deeper thinking about how they can contribute their time, talent, and treasure to sustaining Northlake, and to urge giving in keeping with our deeper values.


Stewardship Co-Chairs: Fran W. & Diane S.


Stewardship Team: Carolyn H., Ellie P., Janet H., Judith S., Phil Q., and Wess W.


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Meeting Time/Location: Monthly, and as needed during the canvass season

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