The Wisdom of the Middle Way

Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church
The Wisdom of the Middle Way

This week, the Kirkland area is living with the presence of coronavirus in our community. We worry about over-reacting… we wonder if we should just go on about our lives as usual, knowing that for many people this virus only causes a mild illness. We worry about under-reacting. If we don’t change our behaviors, and keep going out in the world and interacting as we always do, could we increase the spread of the disease, putting many others at risk. We try to find a middle way. For Northlake this week, we chose not to gather together in our physical sanctuary, potentially spreading infection. Instead, we gathered online in a Zoom teleconference. Rev. Nancy in the conference room shared readings, and a homily on the compassionate spiritual aspects of finding that middle way. David and Tracy in the sanctuary led us all in song, and we sang along from our living rooms and home offices. Folks on the call were able to share their Joys and Sorrows with the whole group, and “breakout rooms” allowed for small group discussions. This recording captures some portions of our service, as we gathered in our virtual community together.