Northlake Lighthouse – April 2021


April 22: Earth Day


This year for Earth Month the Northlake Climate Action Team is urging everyone to participate in the Climate Ribbon Project.


Beginning April 3rd please join us by writing your answers to our two questions to ribbons, then attaching these to the playground fence along State Street. This is a way to give witness to our commitment to the climate crisis.


The questions to answer on your ribbons are:

  • What do you love that is endangered by climate change?
  • What will you do this month to protect our planet?


And join us for our Earth Day Celebration service on Sunday, April 18th.



Clean-up Northlake!


Come help clean up the Northlake campus on Saturdays, April 3rd and May 1st.


We will have socially distanced projects so folk can tidy, weed, clean and organize while still staying distanced and safe. Please sign up on the Sign-Up Genius (or email the office if you can’t use the link) so we can make sure we don’t have too many people at the same time.



Installation of Rev. Reid-McKee & Northlake’s 60th Anniversary


Rev. NancySave The Date: May 15 at 2:00PM on Zoom, followed by a Parking Lot Celebration at 3:30PM.


Please join the Northlake community as we formally install Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee as the called minister to this congregation. This has been delayed due to the pandemic, so we are glad to have this opportunity to ritualize our commitment to each other.


And did you know that Northlake was the first church to be chartered under the Unitarian Universalist Association, which became an association in 1961? That was 60 years ago on May 15th.


We will honor both these events with a service at 2:00PM via Zoom, with the Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore giving the sermon. She will be joined by minister’s across the country.


At 3:30PM the Celebration will continue in the parking lot for those who will drive over for socially distanced time to listen to music, wave to each other, and share cake.



April Services: Windows & Doors to the World


This year we have been talking about Building Our Beloved Community. This month we are going to begin the conversation about how we interact with the world that we can view from inside our walls, or even cross through the doors to encounter. What is our relationship with the world- how do we talk with people from all aspects of life? What brings us joy and what brings responsibility?


Sunday, April 4th

Easter & Flower Communion. We will share our annual Flower Communion as a way to celebrate Easter and spring. Please make sure you have a flower or two with you for this service.


Sunday, April 11th

What do we do with our gifts? This is the start of our annual stewardship drive, and so we will talk about how we support the physical and spiritual structure of this church. The service will be followed by our annual Congregational Meeting in which we vote in our new Board of Trustee members.


Sunday, April 18th

Earth Day service. Rev. Nancy will be joined by members of the Climate Action Team to celebrate our planet and recognize our stewardship duties to the earth.


Sunday, April 25th

Janelle Durham will talk about how the media can change our perspectives on the world.



April Birthdays


  • Sanav Kamath April 2
  • Kauna Hoge April 27
  • Meygha April 30
  • Neela Kamath April 30