Why do we need a new main building roof now?

Northlake’s main building low roof is experiencing frequent leaks. Leaking causes wet floors and seats in the Sanctuary, but much worse risks water damage to the structure such as wood rot and mold growth. The steep roof shingles have been damaged by winds.

As the first project in a capital campaign, donations to capital reserves will fund the cost of properly installing modern, sustainable, low-maintenance roofing materials.

Roof work will be necessary this summer however, current supply chain issues may impact options and costs of materials and installation timeline. Current fundraising goals are based on the best available information at this time.

Updates will be announced when additional information is known.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the Visioning Circles last year, the congregation identified a welcoming campus and well-maintained buildings as key priorities.  The painting of last summer and the main building roof repair of this summer are the first two projects of the Capital Campaign.  Design work to identify other projects to deliver on the vision will be undertaken in the next few months.

priorities graphic

The Facilities Committee solicited bids from multiple reputable roofing contractors and is developing a plan for installing modern, sustainable, low-maintenance roofing materials this summer. Current supply chain issues may impact options and costs of materials and installation timeline.

The current fundraiser goal is based on installing standing seam metal roofing on the main building’s steep roof however we are considering all options. The benefits of standing seam metal roofing include: 

  • Longer lifespan (50 years) 
  • Lower maintenance and sustainable material
  • Improved curb appeal and unified look across campus

On the low roof contractors would properly slope the flat roof sections and install modern PVC roofing membrane. 

Capital reserves are one of the five financial accounts that make a strong financial foundation for Northlake. Capital reserves are intended to pay for major maintenance and improvements to our campus. Capital reserves do not fund the annual operating budget. 

A maintenance reserve study completed in 2020 outlined estimated timeline and cost for major components of Northlake facilities. Exterior paint and roofing are two of the largest urgent needs in the study.

Northlake leaders from Facilities, Finance, Stewardship, and Capital Campaign work together to gather input from diverse perspectives and identify priorities using the best available information. The Board of Trustees supports moving forward with a fundraiser to replace the main building roof.

How can you support our most urgent projects?

During the annual stewardship drive, the Northlake community will come together to support the urgent need to replace the roof. You are an important part of this community and our ability to repair and maintain our campus.

Complete your pledge form to indicate your gift to the annual drive and support for capital reserves. Any amount you send to Northlake to support capital reserves should be clearly labeled on the check, noted in the PayPal transaction, or paid from your financial institution with a memo to designate funds for capital reserves.

Continue to pledge generously to the annual operating budget drive and give any amount you can to the capital reserves to protect Northlake from future storms!

Capital reserves are intended for major maintenance and repairs like replacing the main building roof. Capital reserves recently funded exterior painting and are needed for other upcoming projects such as structural repairs to the front deck.