Members of the Endowment Committee provide considered advice to the NUUC Board in all matters involving the Endowment Fund. Additionally, members of the Endowment Committee assist the Board in the management and administration of the Endowment Fund by:


  • Developing policies and procedures for the receipt of gifts, their investment, and the use of available monies upon distribution.
  • Developing and presenting quarterly reports to the Board setting forth the value and status of Endowment Fund assets.
  • Developing materials assisting the congregation on why and how to make gifts to the Endowment Fund.
  • Developing policies and procedures to recognize endowers.
  • Maintaining an Endowment Diary with records of gifts and, if any, their restrictions; records of reports to the Board; and other such records as may be of future use.
  • Considering any other situation that may come to their attention concerning the Endowment Fund.


Mission Statement: The mission of the Endowment Committee is to provide considered advice and assistance to the NUUC Board of Trustees in all aspects concerning the Northlake UUC Endowment Fund, in the letter and spirit of the NUUC Bylaws, Section 13.


Chair: Wess W.


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Meeting Time/Location: As needed

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