Northlake’s Purpose 

The mission of this church shall be to nurture a spirit of community among its members and a climate of justice throughout the world.  We shall grow spiritually and morally through shared worship, fellowship, education, service and celebration.  Our church community shall respect diversity, defend human rights, promote humane conflict resolution, live in balance with the environment, uphold the principles of freedom, and support the democratic process.

Belonging to the Northlake (NUUC) Community

Northlake welcomes Visitors, Friends, and Members to participate in Sunday services as well as community and volunteer opportunities.  However, some activities may require prior registration or may be limited to a designated group for confidentiality or other reasons. We use the term Friends to refer to non-members who actively participate and support the church but have not (yet) chosen to become Members.  Both Members and Friends are considered part of the Northlake community.

Becoming a Member

A Northlake Member is a person, at least 16 years old, who has sympathy with the purpose of the church, wants to share in the support and direction of Northlake, chooses to sign the membership book, and whose request to join is accepted by Northlake’s Board of Trustees.  A Member remains in good standing and eligible to vote at membership meetings by making a monetary contribution of record during the current or immediate past fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) and by actively participating in the life of the church.  A membership may end by resignation, death, failure to donate or participate, or for “good cause” by the Board of Trustees, such as behavior harmful to the church and its members.

Path to Membership

There are several ways to prepare for membership at Northlake:

  • Review the NUUC Mission, Vision, and Covenant of Right Relations and decide if they are consistent with your personal values and goals.
  • Attend 4-6 Sunday services and/or church activities to see if you feel welcome and would like to participate regularly.
  • Attend an orientation workshop (such as UU in a Nutshell) to learn more about the history of the church and the Unitarian Universalist denomination.
  • Make a financial contribution of record to Northlake and consider what level of financial support you are willing to make in the future.
  • Meet with the minister or a representative of the Membership Committee and request to sign the Membership Book.

Membership Expectations

Northlake expects members to each do their part to create and maintain a successful spiritual community.  There are various ideas about what makes a good member but here are some common ones:

  • Participate regularly in worship services and activities.
  • Attend Congregational Meetings held a few times per year to elect board members, review the annual budget and vote on major decisions that require membership support.
  • Respect the Covenant of Right Relations and make a strong effort to comply.
  • Take the time to understand the Principles and Purposes of the Unitarian Universalist Association of which Northlake is a member congregation.
  • Offer financial support (an annual pledge) to the church consistent with your financial means and level of participation.  (Most of our operating budget comes from pledges of our members and friends.  A smaller percentage comes from rentals.)
  • Volunteer to help with projects and committees, sharing your time and talents.
  • Offer support and respect to Visitors, Friends and Members, as each of us do our part to serve the mission of the church and to make our church vision statement a reality.
  • Show respect toward the church’s status as a Welcoming Congregation and as a Green Sanctuary.
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Membership Benefits

  • The right to vote on Congregational matters affecting the future of the church.
  • Pastoral assistance with rites of passage such as child dedications, weddings and memorial services.
  • A listing in the Northlake membership directory and a copy of the directory.
  • Opportunities to hold leadership positions within the church.
  • Use of church facilities for family events consistent with the member use policies currently in effect at the church.  Fees may apply.
  • Becoming part of a circle of friends who are open to helping one another in a variety of ways as we move along life’s journey.
  • The opportunity to participate in a variety of events, camps, conferences and workshops sponsored by Unitarian Universalist groups outside our own congregation.


Our minister, board members and membership committee members are always available to answer questions.  Greeters at Sunday services can also help you find the best way to get your questions answered.