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Becoming a Member

Image of Northlake Membership brochures, posters and cards

You are not required to be a member of Northlake in order to attend our services or participate in most aspects* of life of our church community. However, if Northlake becomes an important part of your life, we encourage you to consider committing to our community by become a member.


Step 1: Get to Know Us. Do any of these activities that inspire you:

  • Attend services or participate in adult religious education
  • Subscribe to our email list for weekly announcements – just email office@northlakeuu.org to sign up.
  • Attend events listed in the weekly announcements, in Sundays’ Order of Service, or on our calendar. Men’s Group, Women’s Group, Seamsters, and Choir can all be great places to start. (Learn about all our groups here.)
  • Volunteer! We’d love to have you help with making coffee, helping out with our kids’ programs or worship services or a committee or supporting a social justice project.


Step 2: Attend a newcomer orientation luncheon, sponsored by our membership committee.


Step 3: Meet with our minister, Rev. Jim VanderWeele.


Step 4: Sign the membership book. Then the board approves membership.


Step 5: Be welcomed by the congregation!


Once you are a member of Northlake, you’ll continue your participation in the life of the church, including participating in the democratic processes of our UU congregation such as voting on governance matters, making a monetary contribution each fiscal year that is significant for you, and giving of your time and talents to support Northlake.


To learn more, contact the membership committee.




* Membership is required to vote at congregational meetings on issues such as electing the board of trustees, approving the budget, and calling a new minister.