Upcoming at Northlake

Groups and Committees


Bring a candle and join us in a




In remembrance and with hope we stand together


Monday, December 18th


4:00 – 6:00 pm

Corner of Central Avenue & 3rd Street, Kirkland

(near Kirkland Transit Center)


In this holiday season…

many faith traditions believe this time of year is about birthing something new. We believe peace would be something worthy to birth.


We ask for peace knowing…

that too often our communities experience the cycle of anger, fear, and violence. Our hearts are broken open with seemingly unending reports of conflict, violence and death. We also know many families feel the suffering and pain of injustice. It is hard to not be sad or afraid.


And yet we hope…

that in our bruised and broken world, we want to find a way to a real and lasting peace, a world filled with justice, love, and compassion, not only for ourselves, but also for our neighbors.


You are invited…

to be a witness for peace. Bring a candle and join us. Spread the word. Invite your FB friends and neighbors. Come, let us stand together.

Peace vigil