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Sunday, March 11 @ 10:25 am – “Finding True Happiness is a Risky Business” – Special Guest Speaker: Michael Lisagor


Do you believe in the possibility of lasting happiness? Or does this seem like something forever out of reach, a dream on the distant horizon? According to Aristotle, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” But just what is happiness? Is it the fulfillment of our every wish and desire? Is it the absence of suffering? Is it possible to achieve happiness without taking risks? We will explore true happiness from a personal, Buddhist and psychological perspective.

Sunday, March 18 @ 10:25 am – “What Are the Risks of Listening?”


You may have noticed people who talk and talk and then talk some more and that some follow this pattern in discussions at church, much to the dismay of others. The process of building good relationships rests upon, relies upon, the ability to speak and to hear, and do so freely. Lips, ears, and hearts engage fully, ready to defend when defense is appropriate and change if change is needed. we look together at the benefit of opening our ears to listen.

Sunday, March 25 @ 10:25 am – “The Risk of Salvation: Saving the World”


Your Palm Sunday discussion looks at a shift in Unitarian Universalism’s hope to save the world. As some faiths seek to convert, we honor their faith choices at the same time as we promote the potential benefits to human kind if others were to follow a similar course. Raised with the importance of supporting a path of salvation, Rev. Jim shifts our attention toward the style of a personal salvation here on our Earth that we have chosen to support.

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