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May 6 @ 10:25 am – “Embodied Living” – Rev. Jim VanderWeele


How do you cultivate meaning in your life? Is there a program you follow, a way or method you wish to feel taking greater priority in your life?


We begin looking at embodiment by paying attention to a special day in May, a day that is “your day.” On this day, pay attention to the way your inner self inhabits you and the way these inner sensitivities are expressed in the words you share. Then ask yourself how well have you coordinated intentions and actions on “your day”? And, what lessons can be learned when you pay close attention to intent and action?

Sunday, May 13 @ 10:25 am – “The Embodiment of Motherhood” – Janelle Durham


Our theme for May is Embodiment – a tangible or visible expression of an idea, quality, or feeling. There is no more literal embodiment than pregnancy and the birth of a baby. On Mother’s Day, Janelle Durham (doula, childbirth educator, mom and daughter) will talk about all the joys, challenges, and complexities embodied in parenthood and our relationships with our own parents.

Sunday, May 20 @ 10:25 am – “Right Where I Am Supposed to Be” –  Rev. Jim VanderWeele


One avenue toward becoming more confident in life is to focus on being here now. You will be given the opportunity in this service to look back at the steps you have taken in your life. You can reflect on the way those steps have led you and guided you to this place in this time. And, in further expression of the wisdom of being her now, will join others in sharing this mantra, “This is right where I am supposed to be,” an excellent guideline for the steps we take each day.

Sunday, May 27 @ 10:25 am – “Memories & Memorials” & Breakfast Potluck –  Linda Lane


Come join us for a beginning of summer service. This service features a potluck breakfast, so please bring breakfast food, along with stories, quotes, poems, and most of all, your own wisdom to share.

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