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Sunday, Oct 1 @ 10:25 am – “Healing: It Takes Work” – Rev. Jim VanderWeele


In a spiritually oriented message on healing, we look at potential revisions to our approach to our bodies, our minds, our health, and our community through a commentary on texts, poems, and stories.

Sunday, Oct 8 @ 10:25 am – “Animal Blessing – Talk About the Healing Powers of Animals” – Margaret Rogers


Bless all creatures great and small. Bring your furry, finned, or feathered companions to be blessed – and reflect on how they bless and heal us. We’ll have a section that goes to the dogs, cushy cushions for the cats, tables for the aquariums and terrariums, and a no-pet zone for those who prefer that.) Also bring pictures or small totems of pets you’ve lost, we’ll have a moment of remembrance for them too.

Sunday, Oct 15 @ 10:25 am – “When We Make Mistakes” – Rev. Jim VanderWeele


Personal and cultural (collisional) mistakes often lead people toward troubled times. Rev. Jim lifts up a path toward inner integrity designed to help some of us work toward correcting these unhealthy episodes of life. Welcome to relationally oriented message on healing.

Sunday, Oct 22 @ 10:25 am – “To Know About Noah” – Rev. Jim VanderWeele


As UUs might expect, there is much more to the story of Noah than we have been led to believe, and there is also much about his story that has been subject to misinterpretation. Welcome to a social justice oriented message on healing.

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