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Sept 23 @ 10:25 am – “Celebrating the Harvest” – Guest Speaker: Robin Brewer


We celebrate the fall season’s beginning, when we will gather the harvest and look to the bonds we grow and strengthen in our community. Harvesting can be a deeply personal activity, but is often felt in fellowship as we respond to the calling to gather together, reap the bounty provided by the earth, and honor our connections to one other.

Sept 30 @ 10:25 am – “Sharing Leadership” – Rev. Jim VanderWeele


Have you felt in this church an impetus for a better world? Have you seen the effort of those who keep the engines of church life humming? Have you noticed people who are most willing to step up and step in at Northlake? This message looks at the benefits of sharing in a communal effort designed to emphasize our hopes and dreams for the world in which we live.

Oct 7 @ 10:25 am – “Come In and Rest” – Rev. Jim VanderWeele


Those who know the struggles of life move to a deeper knowledge of the trials faced in such times. There should come, if the trials of life are appreciated, a realization that we all seek the comfort of a place of sanctuary. “Come In and Rest.” This invitation to sanctuary, so welcome when needed, and celebrated when one is able to offer it, sets the stage for a look at the personal importance of sanctuary to each of us.

Oct 14 @ 10:25 am – “Animal Blessing” – Margaret Rogers


Bless all creatures great and small. Bring your furry, finned, or feathered companions to be blessed – and reflect on how we can be a blessing to this interdependent web. We’ll have a section that goes to the dogs, cushy cushions for the cats, tables for the aquariums and terrariums, and a no-pet zone for those who prefer that.) Photos of pets who would feel more blessed to stay at home are welcome, as are plush animal friends. Also bring pictures or small totems of pets you’ve lost, we’ll have a moment of remembrance for them too.

Race Matters Service 2-28-16
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