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Sunday, June 25 @ 10:25 am – “Moving from ‘What If’ to ‘What Now'” – Rev. Vincent Lachina


Too often we let doubt hamper our ability to create change in positive ways. Though doubt can be used to clarify our perceptions, it can also hamstring a congregation and hinder it from recognizing its full potential. It is critical for a congregation who is focused on transformation to move from the ‘what if’ view of ministry to the ‘what now’ mission for the future.

Sunday, July 2 @ 10:25 am – “Living Joyously'” – Crystal Zerfoss


The theme for July is Joy. Our lives are filled with so many tasks and responsibilities, thoughts and feelings, activities, concerns, and sleep. How do we seek out joy in our lives? How do we take time to sink into the feelings of joy when they arise? Join us as we explore the ways in which joy strengthens, enlivens, and moves us to be fully human.

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Race Matters Service 2-28-16
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