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Sunday, August 20 @ 10:25 am – “The Faith of Humanists” – Carl Schwartz


Those that call themselves humanists demonstrate faith that people have the ability to know right, to show compassion, and to work together to solve problems. That faith however must be nurtured and supported in the fact of challenges. A few thoughts.

Sunday, August 27 @ 10:25 am – “Live Loving; Love Living” – Rev. Jim VanderWeele


Rev. Jim enters the Northlake pulpit with a story about himself and his ministry as viewed through his once-in-a-lifetime visit to the academy where Rumi taught poetry, philosophy, and twirling–now known as Rumi’s tomb. Come, come, whoever you are to an hour of worship and awe.

Sunday, September 3 @ 10:25 am – Labor Day Potluck – Linda Lane


On this Labor Day weekend, let’s pause and think of “Labors of Love” that others have done for you and you have done for others. You’re invited to share your thoughts and/or readings. Potluck breakfast at 10:25 am.

Northlake Sanctuary side steps
Choir during service
Race Matters Service 2-28-16
Image of part of the Standing on the Side of Love poster highlighting the word love