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Music Sunday: the Northlake Choir presents music from a variety of sources in contemplation of the beauty of this life. Excerpts from “Cantar!” by Jay Althouse, “Love” Canon, music by Palchelbel, lyrics by D. Duvall. Chalice Lighting: “The Chalice Is the Container” by Marnie Singer. Excerpts from “All Are Architects” words by H. Longfellow, music by T. Benjamin; “So Still”, words by Emily Carr, music by Brian Tate. “La Poule” by Jean-Philippe Rameau, performed by Maria Khavin. Reading: “Dynamic Music” by Dennis Hamilton. Excerpt: “What is Glowing” by D. Duvall; Homily: “Music, Music Everywhere” by Tracy Yingling. Excerpts: “For the Beauty of the Earth” words by F. Pierpont, music by Kochner; “One Brick at a Time” words by M. Stewart, music by C. Coleman; “I am Willing” by Holly Near, arr. Steve Milloy.


The Light in the Darkness – Cathleen Blackburn

A Music Sunday! Includes a quote from Nietzsche, readings from Rev. Jason Shelton and Robert Kaufmann, and a homily by Cathleen Blackburn on the intersectionality of winter solstice traditions between cultures and over time and between modern cultures and how they have inspired the ways we celebrate winter holidays today. She focuses on traditions surrounding light in the darkness. You’ll hear excerpts from these pieces of music: “Pray on Christmas” by Harry Connick, “The Sleigh” by Richard Kountz, “Solstice Carol” by Kim Baryluk, “Love is Christmas” by Sara Bareilles, “A Winter Night”, and “Where are you Christmas” by Horner, Carey and Jennings.


Music and Northlake – Dave Thompson

This was a Music Sunday, so the recording includes not just the homily, but also snippets of the musical numbers. In order: Hymn #368 “Now Let Us Sing”, sung by congregation; “Earth, My Body” musical round sung by our children and the congregation and led by Jenny Mason; Interlude: “Vocalise” by S. Rachmaninoff; Krista Jaffre, cello & Maria Khavin, piano; Duet: “The Prayer” by C. Bayer Sager & D. Foster; sung by Jackie Boreson & Dave Thompson; Homily: “Music and Northlake” by Dave Thompson. Choral Offering: “Frostiana” by R. Frost and R. Thompson. (The Road Not Taken, Come In, Stopping by Woods, A Girl’s Garden, Choose Something Like a Star); Solo: “Beautiful City” by Stephen Schwartz; sung by Jackie Boreson.