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Fire Communion and Burning Bowl

We celebrate fire in this service, thinking of what it offers as one of the basic elements of our planet. And fitting with this, we will have time for a burning bowl; a time to reflect on what to put behind us this past year, and what to move into as we look to the future. (Opening words adapted from “Out of the Flames” by Sara Eileen LaWall; includes a poem by May Sarton, and concludes with music – Romance by Shostakovich.)


Honoring Fire – Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee

In this season of cold and wet, we honor the light and warmth of fire and the blessings of community in this multigenerational service, which includes story, song, and a fire communion ceremony. (In Unitarian Universalist traditions, we often do a flower communion in the spring and a water communion in the fall. This service included Rev. Nancy’s creation of a fire communion.)