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The Soul Matters is a program shared by over 170 UU congregations, including Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church, who explore the same monthly worship themes. In this way we build greater connections as Unitarian Universalists.

Monthly Themes

January 2018 – Prophecy


UU theologian Rebecca Parker wrote “Our times ask us to exercise our capacity for prophetic witness…our capacity to see what is happening, to say what is happening and to act in accordance with what we know…Prophetic witness…is the ability to name those places where we resist knowing what needs to be known.” We need prophetic communities now more than ever. Most of the time, holy work is about finding common ground among differing world views. But sometimes, holy work is about prophetic judgment and knowing when some views need to be opposed.


Exercises & Questions

November 2017 – Simplicity


It’s not just society that celebrates status, stuff and over-scheduled lives; we cling to them as well. The busyness of our lives is not just overwhelming; it’s also seductive. Over-scheduled lives don’t just tip us over; they tempt us. They promise us power, affirmation, and proof that we are worthy. To be busy is to have made it. To be over-committed is to be wanted and needed. No wonder we have such a hard time giving it all up. Changing how we perceive this busyness takes courage and the support of an alternative community that celebrates a different equation of “worthy living”.


Exercises & Questions

October 2017 – Healing


That Does It Mean To Be A Community of Healing? The easy answer: it takes work – a dedication and a willingness to dig in – to fix what’s been broken, to listen away each others’ pain, to ask for and to offer forgiveness when we are not the good people we so want to be. So yes, it is easy to remember that it takes work. But what if we remembered that healing always begins with perception and sight? Let us begin to reframe to open our hearts to healing.


Exercises & Questions

September 2017 – Invitation


Invitation calls us to make space, to create an openness that welcomes someone, or some idea, in. How do we cultivate such a space, in our physical landscapes and in our hearts and minds? What practices do we need to engage to open ourselves up to what is offered to us, and to offer space to another? We invite you to engage with all the aspects of invitation in this month of new beginnings.


Exercises & Questions