The ministerial search process is led by our elected Search Committee. These are the upcoming steps in our search process.


Self-Study: Who are we looking for?  September – October

  • Learn about the congregation through cottage meetings (Sept 20, 22, 23, 26)
  • Learn about the congregation through online survey (Sept 9 – Oct 10)
  • Congregants help beautify NUUC campus to make a good impression
  • Draft a contract for our new minister
  • Analyze survey results and cottage meeting data and present findings to congregation

Framing the Search: Who are we?  November – December

  • Update NUUC website (photographs and group information)
  • Compile Congregational Record which gives prospective ministers important information about NUUC

Interviews: Who are you?  January – March

  • Receive and evaluate ministers’ packets
  • Interview candidates
  • Check references
  • Observe potential ministers at neutral pulpits

Selection: Will you join us?  April – May

  • Make an offer to a minister
  • Complete background checks and finalize contract
  • NUUC board announces candidate
  • Minister comes to NUUC to give 2 services
  • Congregation votes to approve minister
Information on the Search Process from the UUA


Email the search committee.