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Each month, our services are inspired by our Soul Matters themes and related materials.

March 31 @ 10:25 am – Holy Wanderings: Lessons learned from walking in circles – Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg


Walk through the wanderings of the Israelites in the desert with Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg. Lessons gleaned from 40 years of communal meanderings and mistakes in reaching a promised land.

April 7 @ 10:25 am – Building Blocks – Rev. Jim VanderWeele


From the Soul Matters packet on Wholeness, “Transition and change rule the flow of life. There is no going back. The current of time is just too strong. …the wholeness offered us is not returning our lives to their original state but working with what remains to make something new. The shards are not pieces of the puzzle that needs put perfectly back together, but building blocks waiting to be molded into a yet to be imagined form.” We gather to consider being building blocks that will lead toward an as yet unimagined form.

photo of Northlake sanctuary with kite decorations