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Each month, our services are inspired by our Soul Matters themes and related materials.

May 19 @ 10:25 am – What is the School to Prison Pipeline? – Rev. Jim VanderWeele


Ijeoma Oluo, a Seattle native, published “So You Want to Talk About Race” in 2018, a book that will be featured for Adult Religious Education sessions this spring (May 20, June 3 & 10). We look at a chapter that examines kindergartners in trouble for “assault” and middle school children caught in despair–kids being kids–and the level of bias that has constructed the school-to-prison pipeline.

May 26 @ 10:25 am – Demon Acceptance Therapy: Military Service, Vulnerability, and the Arts – Trish Brownlee


Veteran, artist and NUU member Trish Brownlee explores the narrative of “Thank you for your service.” This deep and challenging service asks others to have a spirit of curiosity, even when the questions result in answers that are difficult to hear or see. Through artwork and storytelling, Trish invites us to examine the role we have to play in war and connecting to our military veterans during this Memorial Day weekend.

June 2 @ 10:25 am – Crafting an Inner Beauty – Rev. Jim VanderWeele


One feature of the spiritual pathway walked by UUs is the development of inner beauty. This course of life certainly involves the work we do for ourselves. And, it extends to the efforts we make to help other members of our community craft their best possible selves, whoever they may be.

June 9 @ 10:25 – Flower Ceremony

The Flower Ceremony was first created in 1923 by Unitarian minister Norbert Capek of Prague, Czechoslovakia. The Flower Ceremony celebrates the unique gifts of each person in our community and the beauty we create when we all come together. Everyone is invited to bring a flower to the service to add to the vases at the front – all flowers are welcome, from the garden or from the shop. Please join us for this multigenerational service celebrating the beauty that is within each of us.

June 16 @ 10:25 – Now I Walk in Beauty – Rev. Jim VanderWeele


On our Music Sunday, we celebrate the beautiful sounds shared by our choir and look at the many ways we try to fill the walk of our lives with the many stylings of beauty. Our inspiration for this reflection is drawn from the Navajo proverb, “Now I walk in beauty. Beauty is before me. Beauty is behind me. Above and below me.”

June 23 @ 10:00 – Live Stream of GA


Note special start time!!

We will be live streaming the Sunday service from the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, being held this year in Spokane, WA. Come watch, listen, and sing along.


photo of Northlake sanctuary with kite decorations