Contribute your time and talents to serve our community and connect with others while doing meaningful work to further the mission and vision of this church. It takes many hands to operate as a beacon for love and justice.

Email a committee or team directly to learn more about tasks that you may enjoy, timelines that work with your schedule, or opportunities to grow into a leadership role. Alternatively, share a description of skills you would like to offer in an email to to match your skill set with a current need.

The Northlake Caring Team’s aim is to foster a spirit of community among Northlakers. With the guidance of the minister, the committee works to identify needs within the congregation, foster appropriate awareness of those needs, identify resources, and link resources to needs. They also circulate cards of congratulations or consolation as appropriate.


Members of the Communications Committee consider all of the ways that we promote Northlake’s offerings and share information within our congregation and the larger community. No professional experience is required, we welcome volunteers with experience in web design, social media management, graphic design, or a passion for communicating who we are and what we do at Northlake.


Assist with building maintenance and improvement, deep cleaning projects, gardening and other grounds work. Our diversely skilled group works on tasks ranging from more technical electrical and plumbing projects to simple things like changing out light bulbs.

We organize larger efforts that include the broader congregation on a yearly or semi-yearly basis, like our annual Spring Cleaning event, and targeted grounds improvement projects. We also identify opportunities to improve the safety, efficiency, and general appearance of our buildings and campus through more focused efforts, as resources permit.


Share your knowledge or passion for managing finances to create stability that allows us to operate and live our mission generation after generation.

Finance proactively plans for future costs and develops the annual planning budget based on the results of our annual stewardship drive. We cultivate an attitude of abundance through giving what we can and receiving what we need to keep the beacon for love and justice lit at Northlake.


The Human Recourses Committee oversees policies and procedures to cultivate a safe, loving, and constructive environment for all employees, members, friends, and visitors of Northlake. Following guidance from the UUA and state employment laws, the Human Resources Committee manages personnel matters such as fair compensation, benefits, and hiring new staff members.

We also consider all relations between the people of Northlake and strive to create conditions that:

  • offer ways to connect and become a committed member of Northlake
  • celebrate and value the gifts and contributions of every person
  • ensure safety and prevent abuse of vulnerable persons

Please consider volunteering your time and energy to support these important goals that lift up all of the people that make Northlake a thriving beloved community.


Unitarian Universalist congregations exist because of the free choice of our members to be in covenantal relationship with one another. Membership is a dynamic process rather than a single act. It starts when one makes the conscious choice to formally affiliate with a particular congregation—yet that decision marks the beginning of the membership journey rather than its end. Learn more about the steps to become a member.

In support of Northlake’s vision and the long range goals our congregation developed, the Membership Team seeks to create a welcoming environment where members and friends can find their place in our beloved community, participate as they are led in the workings of the church and in support of the activities and causes important to them, and give and receive love and encouragement as they walk on their spiritual journey.

If you are interested in becoming more involved at Northlake, the Membership Team is a great way to get to know people and to get plugged into the life of the church. From Sunday morning greeting to welcoming new members to hosting all–church events, this committee has a lot of ways to participate. Long–time member or newcomer, your input is very valuable! We especially encourage newer members and friends to join us, as you bring a unique, fresh perspective to the conversation!


Music is an important part of the worship experience and our choir has a history of great performances at Northlake!

The Music Team members support our Music Director in arranging musical performances, song leading at regular Sunday services, managing the music library, recording and editing remote choir performances, and planning special Music Sunday services a couple times each year.

Do you love to sing? Come lend your voice and make connections with others in the Northlake choir.


Support planning and delivery of religious education programs for children and youth in collaboration with our Director of Lifespan Religious education. Programs for children and youth typically include:

  • Sunday gatherings on Zoom for different age groups
  • weekly story time on Zoom
  • youth group game nights
  • family-friendly outings in the community
  • multigenerational service planning and performances
  • special programs and collaborations with other UU congregations

We strive to be a deeply connected and supportive religious education community that teaches the values of our religion and helps our children and youth find their own spiritual identity within an environment where they feel safe, accepted, respected and happy. Join us in providing a supportive and loving environment for all children and youth.


The mission of the Rentals Team is to plan, organize and manage non-church use of the Northlake facilities by organizations, members and non-members to support the mission of the church. Rentals Team works closely with our Facilities Coordinator, Facilities Committee, and Finance Committee.

Please consider offering your time and experience to help set rental policy and oversee the management of our long and short term tenants. Rentals team members strive to cultivate positive relationships with tenants that are closely aligned with Northlake’s mission and vision.


The Safe and Secure Team reviews and makes recommendations on all aspects of safety and security for Northlake. We organize regular emergency drills such as evacuating building occupants in case of a fire, evaluate conditions such as campus lighting, maintain security cameras, and identify areas of improvement to keep our campus a safe and welcoming place for all.


Stewardship is a year-round effort to illuminate the reasons we commit to financially support Northlake. This effort culminates in a celebration of our community attitude of abundance each spring when the annual stewardship drive concludes. The Stewardship team draws upon a diverse group of volunteers blending skills and talents to design and execute the canvass campaign for the annual operating budget.

Our stewardship focus is three-fold:

  • to encourage conversations amongst members and friends focused on what Northlake means to each
  • to inspire deeper thinking about how they can contribute their time, talent, and treasure to sustaining Northlake
  • to urge giving in keeping with our deeper values

No experience is required to participate in stewardship at Northlake. However, if you have fundraising experience or a love for financial planning and giving please consider offering any time you can to the Stewardship Team. With full participation from our community we ensure the long-term financial stability of our organization so that Northlake can do more to live our mission and vision year after year.


At a high level, the worship team does two important things for Northlake. We gather together on a monthly basis to discuss ideas for how to improve services at Northlake, and we provide a lot of the effort and volunteers to put on the weekly services. The Worship Team has a lot of opportunities to participate in the creation of something larger than oneself, and we’d like to invite everyone to join us.

We have roles for people of all different interests and skill sets. No experience necessary! If you do not feel comfortable jumping right in, experienced team members always provide on the job training, shadowing opportunities and mentorship. The Worship Team is a welcoming place for people to grow new skills while serving the community in critical roles.

Some of the roles Worship Team volunteers fill to create a successful service include:

  • Service celebrant
  • Song leader
  • Tech lead
  • Zoom host
  • Slide creator
  • Screen sharing
  • Running A/V booth in the Sanctuary
  • Greeters and ushers

While we offer hybrid Sunday services the Worship Team needs additional volunteers to fill online positions in the Zoom platform as well as in-person positions in the Sanctuary. Please consider volunteering even for just one service each month to make it possible for Northlake to offer meaningful interactive hybrid services both online and in-person.