The Committee on Ministries (COM) focuses on all aspects of the congregation’s ministries, including professional leadership, music, social justice, religious education, and pastoral care. The purpose of which is to help the congregation ensure that its ministries are serving its mission and vision.


To this end, the COM meets monthly with the minister. COM may also gather feedback from members of the church to reflect on their experience of a particular area of ministry such as worship, music, religious education, serving on the board, being a new member, etc.


The COM promotes the Congregational Covenant of Right Relations as a way to insure effective and ethical communication within the church as a whole. The COM also assists the board and Finance Committee in reviewing the ministerial contract, helps set annual goals with the minister, and other duties as needed.


Northlake’s bylaws define the structure of the COM; it is composed of five people, all of whom must be members in good standing, appointed by the Board to serve two-year terms beginning July 1. At least two new individuals are appointed each year. No one may serve longer than four consecutive years.
Mission Statement: To assess and support the effectiveness and health of the ministries of the congregation.


Ministries means everything the congregation does to live its mission – celebrate life by worshipping together, serving others and nurturing a diverse, loving community.



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