The Board of Trustees is elected by the congregation as the delegated authority to govern the operation of the church. From the bylaws: “All matters of policy concerning the welfare and functioning of the church shall rest within the Board of Trustees. It shall be the continuing responsibility of the Board of Trustees to evaluate the overall functioning of the church to insure that the purpose of the church is being adequately served.”


Major decisions such as the calling of a minister, approval of the annual budget, the sale or acquisition of major property or debt, the endorsement of or commitment to major initiatives are reserved for the congregation, but otherwise the board makes the operating decisions during the year.


The board year starts 1 June and completes May 31st of the following year. Members are elected to 2 year terms. 


The members of the Board of Trustees are: Chris K. (President),  Chris C. (Vice President), Wess W. (Treasurer), Janelle D. (Secretary), Chris H. (Trustee), Pat T. (Trustee), Jenny M. (Trustee)


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Meeting Time/Location: The first Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the downstairs conference room. Members are always welcome to attend. Rare changes in dates/times will be listed in the Weekly Announcements and Order of Service.